ANSItex Videotex

ANSItex Videotex is a re-invention of Viewdata/Videotex - which dominated many countries in the 80’s and 90’s. Its currently under development, providing two presentation experiences: the original Mode 7 Videotex and in a new fusion with ANSI. This post is about the Videotex impementation.

It is still being developed, so the current functionality is very limited. If you have some Videotex/Viewdata frames from the 1990’s and/or you would like to help with bringing this old technology back to life, let me know!

If you have a Viewdata/Videotex emulation software, you can connect directly to port 516. Otherwise you can see it in action by pressing the Connect button below.

NOTE: For some keyboards, the hash (#) key is the UK Pound (£) symbol. If you need a (#) symbol, you should be able to use your (apostrophe) key.
TIP: You can click inside the terminal to zoom full screen. Click outside to unzoom.


If you would like to own some pages on this system, please let me know. Alternatively, if you have some old videotex frames from old systems like Prestel, Viatel, etc that you would like to bring back to life get in contact with me and we’ll make it happen.

If you are creative, you can create some frames at or I use the becuase it has some block copy/paste functions, great if you want to move things around. After using I normally “Export” (E->zxnet Editor) to so that I can save the frame as Binary dump of level 1 page data. After saving the frame, its easy for me to import it into the system.

At the moment importing frames is a manual entry by me, but in time, I’ll enable that in the system - as well as hopefully create an editor.

If you would like to help me build this, please get in contact.